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Pre-Approval in 48 Hours

We have arrangements with all major international lenders who can provide loans for non-UK residents borrowing for a UK property. 


Establish requirements

Firstly, we need to find out exactly where you are now and what you are trying to achieve with your property purchase.

We'll guide you through the entire process


Search the market for the

best solution

Each lender has a different set of solutions and underwriting criteria, so we search the market to find you the solution which matches your objectives and a lender who will accept your application.


Gather correct documents and package your application

Having a good relationship with the lender really helps to ensure the documents are correctly formatted, attested and that your case is presented in a way the underwriters prefer.


The AIP your power to negotiate

The AIP is a very valuable tool for anyone making a property purchase because unless you are a cash buyer the first thing any seller or sales agent will ask you is "do you have finance approved?"


Property valuation

The lender must be happy that the property is worth lending their money against, so the next step is to carry out a valuation straight after the AIP is released. 


Co-ordinate lender, solicitor,

and vendor solicitors

No two cases are the same and each one has its challenges, the most important thing is that everyone sticks to their role or the purchase can incur delays which can then incur charges.


Final offer letter signing

The final offer letter lays out the terms of the mortgage contract 

in detail and once it is signed the funds are usually dispersed in around a week. 



Usually a week or so after final offer letter signing the funds are dispersed, the deeds will be printed in your name and the process is complete.

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